Here Comes The Sun

In July my wife and I went to the movie theater to see Yesterday. It’s about a musician who wakes up to a world in which the Beatles never happened. Good movie. Yesterday left me thinking about the importance of change.

And the Beatles.

Whether for better or worse; in my opinion it’s always best to grab the bull by the horns and be the pilot of change, rather than be the victim of it. So, on that note:

Token Opinion is changing!


First off, I am removing the news category and all associated articles from the website. About a month ago I announced that Token Opinion will no longer be posting about Kickstarter projects, which was the only sort of news I’ve ever posted about. Further, I just don’t feel like this is or should be a news oriented site.

Out with the old, and in with the new!

A Guide to Modern Board Gaming

Beginning early next year, I’ll be introducing a new series of articles to the website titled “A Guide to Modern Board Gaming.” I think more than anything else, I am asked for advice on how to navigate this hobby. I’d like to share some ideas on my approach, from a guy who’s made a lot of mistakes in that process. This series is primarily targeted at beginners, but I think it will have something to offer all tabletop gamers. Most of these articles will come in a sort general advice format, but I’ll also dedicate a sub-series to specific game mechanisms. Do you have a question or topic you’d like to see covered in this series? Reader feedback is incredibly welcome! Use our contact form and let me know!

I hope you enjoy.


Starting with my recent Dragonwood review, I’ve added a little tweak to my process and format, and I’ll be updating all of my older reviews to reflect this change as well. Previously, all of my reviews were divided into three basic sections. I’m effectively breaking the Gameplay section in half, titling the second part “Thoughts.” This division already existed in my reviews, I’m simply adding the additional heading. From now on review headings will read:


Why? This was actually suggested by a reader who prefers to skip past the gameplay description, in order to get straight to the actual review. That made a lot sense to me. Further, I feel like this change not only works, it’s a natural evolution in line with the Token Opinion ethos.

A New Year’s Resolution

Finally, I’m going to aim for a more active Token Opinion next year. Life was pretty busy for me this last year, which left little room to focus on writing. This year will be different! With the new series, more reviews, and at least three editorials in the works; I should be able to produce meaningful content on a more regular basis this next year.

So, here’s to a better year, full of good friends, good times, and of course…

Good board games!

Thanks for stopping by.

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