About Crowdfunding

Token Opinion will no longer be posting articles regarding Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or any other crowdfunding projects.

I wish to be incredibly clear on two things:

One; that this decision has nothing to do with the recent Kickstarter union controversy. I have no desire to comment on or be involved with that issue.

Two; I am not opposed to crowdfunding- I even support the occasional Kickstarter campaign myself.

So, why have I made this decision?

The short version is that I feel these articles effectively serve as a free promotion for an unproven product. Building on that point, I’m just not interested in promoting any game, regardless of compensation. This goes double for a product I have no real experience with. Even if a campaign for a particular game can be perceived as newsworthy, posting about it can be interpreted as a recommendation; and I’ve grown uncomfortable with that.

I have also been nursing a slowly growing list of concerns regarding how crowdfunding is affecting our hobby as a whole. Beyond that, I’m not ready to comment further on this subject at the moment; however an editorial on the matter is coming.

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