A Guide to Modern Board Gaming

When I started back into board games a few years ago, there was no good source of general advice regarding this hobby as a whole. I had no idea what I was doing. Reviewers were often unhelpful, because almost every review was positive, and I often had no frame of reference for what I was hearing. I struggled. And in hindsight, I made a lot of mistakes. So, so many mistakes. And in a show of foresight, I’d like to share some of those mistakes with my readers, in the hopes that you can avoid them.

Enter “A Guide to Modern Board Gaming.”

This is a new advice column regarding my approach to the modern board gaming hobby. From “what games should I buy?,” or “what is worker placement?,” to “how should I game night?,” I’m willing to tackle almost any subject the world of board gaming is able to throw at me. Each article will open with the topic at hand posed in a question format, followed by my best attempt to answer that question. For the time being I’ll be cherry picking good talking points for the column, but I’m hoping that in the future this column can be primarily based off of reader feedback- i.e. via submitted questions or subjects. So that said, please send in your questions, and I’ll post them with the article!

I’ll be posting these like normal articles to the website, but I’m also adding a new category to the website appropriately titled ‘Guide.’ You’ll be able to find everything there, We’re kicking things off later this week with, well, not the most logical starting point, but a really good subject nonetheless- Card sleeves! I get asked about card sleeves a lot, so I thought I’d begin there.

I’m really excited about this new column, and I hope you are too. And, as always, thanks for stopping by!

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