Every now and then, I come across something in the industry that I feel is special- worthy of more than just passing attention. Usually, I’ve taken a few pictures, said a few nice things, and then posted it quietly to social media with little fanfare. But no more!

Welcome to Spotlight!

Each article will focus on a company or product that will be useful to you, the gamer. As is usually the case, I’m excited about this new section. It will allow me to draw attention to products that I don’t particularly think should be reviewed in the classical sense, but are great none the less.

I would like to clarify one issue: These are unpaid promotions, not ads. Anything I choose to Spotlight is a product I would buy (and in most cases have bought) myself. I recommend them because I believe in them. I hope I’ll convince you to check them out, too.

I’m working on my first Spotlight as I write this, and it ought to be up before the week is through. It’s for a very special product that I think will carry a lot of weight. I’ve also got a few more in the queue, that ought to percolate out this year. Some of these might feel a little obvious to the gamer crowd, but hopefully I’ve got a few surprises in the works.

And as always, thanks for stopping by!

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