Holiday Recommendations 2018

The Holiday Recommendations List is short this year. Why? Well, first off, I’m just getting started with this blog. As a result, I’ve had to draw it up quickly, so I haven’t had the time to fill out the list as completely as I might otherwise have wanted to. This list is intended to draw attention to some newer titles that most table top gamers will be excited about.

So, without further ado…

Need a stocking stuffer? Try The Mind. It’s an inexpensive card game where players are cooperatively attempting to play numbers in order without communicating. You can usually pick up a copy for $10 or so at your local game store!

On a budget? Ticket To Ride: New York takes the classic formula, and shrinks it down into a twenty minute game. The results are surprisingly good. Keep in mind that this one is a Target exclusive.

Have a junior gamer on your list this year? Try My Little Scythe. While the game is not cooperative, it does encourage children to work together to achieve their goals. Also, it has pie fights.

Looking for a mid weight title with a strong table presence? Look no further than Dragon Castle. Inspired by the computer solitaire version of Mahjong; players match tiles, and build castles.

Need something on the heavy side? Try Gaia Project. This is a reimplementation of the seemingly evergreen classic Terra Mystica. The deep and complex mechanisms of these titles will keep your euro-gamer warm all winter!

Does your gamer need the next big thing in table top gaming? Then they’ll want at least one copy of Railroad Ink. This is a roll and write style of game that has players drawing out a railroad network based on dice rolls. There are two versions of the game- Deep Blue and Blazing Red.

Finally, for the serious thematic gamer on your list, I recommend Thunderstone Quest. This is an updated version of the classic deck builder by Mike Elliott, considered by many to be the finest game in the genre.

I hope this helps with your holiday shopping!

Thanks for stopping by!

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